Welcome to Senergo – Food to Get Going!™

What’s Senergo, you might be wondering?
The name Senergo is a combination of: Smoothie – Energy to Go


Senergo is here to serve our customers with the healthiest food and drink to help them achieve an optimal life!

Our Motto:

No sorbet, no puree and no added sugars; no hidden secrets – just simple goodness.

About us:

Senergo is a private owner-operated company. It started its operations in Downtown Tacoma, January 2015.

We aim to help our busy consumers with a ‘food-done-fast’ mindset.
Senergo replaces the common burger with delicious, toasty, on-grill wraps that contain a nice balance of protein and vegetables.
Instead of conventional soft-drinks, we offer natural fresh-pressed juice made from your favorite fruits and vegetables; as well as 100% juice-base smoothies made with real fruits and delicious extras!

Senergo’s crafted diet allows customers to enjoy food without the guilt of harming their bodies. Wholesome wraps and fruit drinks will nourish your body while helping you stay light, allowing you to feel more energetic!

senergo fresh pressed juice
senergo toasty grilled wraps